TikTok’s Mikayla Nogueira Discusses Her Eating Disorder and Mental Health Struggles

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Content warning: This story discusses eating disorders.

TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira is opening up about her health.

The beauty influencer, who is known for posting bubbly videos on new makeup trends and products, shared a personal video about the mental health challenges she's struggling with, which also includes her eating disorder

"I, unfortunately, am struggling really bad with my mental health," Mikayla said in a three-minute video on her new TikTok page, @lifewithmikaylajane. "I'm in one of the worst mental states I've ever been in in a really long time. Thankfully, today I'm having a good day. But my eating disorder is out of control."

The TikTok star explained that she created a new page in order to "document my journey of getting better." According to Mikayla, she is currently getting the help she needs through treatment and by working with a therapist.

"I let myself go for a really long time, and I haven't been taking care of myself," she admitted. "All of that is going to change. I've hit a rock bottom essentially and I'd like to go up."

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Mikayla also shared that she needs to lose weight "for health reasons," but is worried about the process.

"As someone with an eating disorder," she continued, "losing weight is not necessarily always a good idea. But I want to live a long, healthy life."



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The beauty guru, who previously detailed her 60-lb weight gain in April, said she's "struggling with a lot of physical health issues," adding, "Obviously, I have gained weight really, really fast and there's been consequences with that."

Mikayla made it clear that she's not trying to lose weight for "looks" but more so for her overall health. One of her biggest motivations for staying on track, she said, is her upcoming wedding with fiancé Cody.

"The reason I decided to do this is because I'm getting married in a year," she told her followers. "And I don't think I have to be the best version of myself when I get married, but I do want to be a version I am happy with and proud of. I think it's really important that I work on myself right now."

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Although Mikayla admitted that she's "very scared to go on this journey," she explained that it's a necessary step.

"I'm extremely depressed and unhappy," she said, but concluded her video with an inspiring message. "I'm holding it together because I'm hopeful. And that is so important." 

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