TV’s Top Leading Lady 2020: The 100 Star Eliza Taylor Thanks Fans For Her Win

TV’s Top Leading Lady 2020 is here to accept her crown. 

We don’t have a physical crown to give her, but we hereby give this metaphorical crown to The 100 star Eliza Taylor, who won our tournament with over 500,000 votes in the final round. Just shy of one million votes were cast in the final two, and fans of Unstoppable’s Barbara Lopez put up an incredible fight, but Taylor came out on top in the end. Her win is just in time for the premiere of The 100’s final season, which is happening next Wednesday! 

In a video sent by Taylor herself this week, she thanks fans for the win, though she’s surprised you guys haven’t moved on to “someone like way cooler” by now. Has she even seen her performance in the last season of The 100, when she played not only Clarke but also the evil prime Josephine? Clearly she has not, because if she had she’d probably get it. She’s very cool. 


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