Wait, These Stars Are Related?!

Watch: Fans Just Realized Cameron Diaz Is Nicole Richie's Sister-in-Law

Where were you when you realized Elizabeth Olsen was the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

As noted OTCU (Olsen Twins Cinematic Universe) historians, we've known that fact for quite some time. But for some fans of Disney+'s WandaVision, discovering that connection between the trio was absolutely mind-blowing. And they are far from the first familial reveal to make people say, "Wait, whaaaaaa?" So, we're looking back at all of the celebrities you may have forgotten have shared 23andMe data.

Did you know Kate Middleton is actually part of the same family tree as two of Hollywood's most famous sisters? Or that an iconic sitcom star is Jason Sudeikis' uncle? And how about how every time Lenny Kravitz stops by the Today show, he gets to celebrate a mini family reunion?

Of course, we included some surprising sibling pairings too, which include Jonah Hill and a Game of Thrones star.

photosCeleb Siblings You May Have Forgotten About

Let's revisit some celebrity fam connections, shall we? 

Getty ImagesLudacris & Monica

The rapper and Fast & Furious franchise star is cousins with the R&B singer thanks to her stepfather, Reverend Edward Best, who happens to be Luda's uncle.

Getty ImagesConan O'Brien & Denis Leary

The late-night host and the Rescue Me creator are third cousins.

Getty ImagesSteven Spielberg & Jessica Capshaw

The onetime Grey's Anatomy doc has called the legendary director stepdad ever since he married her mom Kate Capshaw in 1991.

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