Warriors Say Stephen Curry Has Been Diagnosed with the Flu and Not Coronavirus

Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Currywas diagnosed with the flu before Saturday’s game against the 76ers and sat out the game. According to the team physician Dr. Robert Nied, he is not showing signs of the coronavirus. 

“This morning Stephen Curry was diagnosed with influenza A by a positive viral testing,” the statement read. “We have identified his probable source contact who is not part of basketball operations. He has no specific risk factors for COVID-19. He has seasonal flu. We have begun treatment for Stephen and instituted our team protocol for influenza exposure.” 

According to NBC Sports, the team’s coach Steve Kurr also told reporters that Steph had been tested for the coronavirus. The publication also reports that across the country, sports teams have been taking the necessary precautions as to not risk their players and fans to the coronavirus. 

In the Warriors’ case, they announced on Friday that they were increasing adding cleaning staff to each event, elevator attendants would be equipped with wipe containers and sanitizing elevators regularly, all doors and door handles would be sanitized regularly and extra soap would become available in all restrooms. 


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