Watch Hoda Kotb Officiate a Surprise Zoom Wedding

Hoda Kotb helped one groom pull off the most epic surprise for his bride. 

During Thursday’s episode of TODAY, the fan-favorite news anchor, who is an ordained minister, officiated a Zoom wedding for an Arizona couple that was forced to cancel their big day due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After hearing John Sizer and Melanie Mulvihill‘s story and coordinating the details with the groom, Hoda joined in on their virtual ceremony, which was a surprise to the bride as she thought she was hopping on a Zoom chat with her friends to catch up. Once Melanie was up to speed on what was happening, she was surprised once again by Hoda, who was waiting in the wings to officiate.

Taking over for their local pastor, Hoda led the couple in their vows. ‘Alright, John: ‘Mel, I take you as you are,'” she said. “‘John, I will love you and have faith in your love for me.'”


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