Watch Too Hot to Handle’s Season 3 Cast Members Try to Keep Their Hands to Themselves

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It's almost like this news is…too hot to handle.

Netflix's hottest—literally—reality show, Too Hot to Handle, comes back Jan. 19 but things are already super steamy. On Jan. 12, the streamer released the first trailer for season three of the series, and the stakes are twice as high. The new season tagline? "Double the prize, double the temptation…can our wildest ever batch of singles be tamed?

The answer seems hazy. When new contestant Nathan asks, "So, what are you guys expecting from this island?" co-star Izzy replies, "D–ck."

It's all fun and games until Lana—the Alexa-like device that watches over the singles—breaks out the rules: "No kissing, no heavy petting and no sex of any kind. Each time the rules are broken, money will be deducted."

The new batch of singles arrived on the island thinking it was going to be the sexiest vacation of their lives, then they found out they were on Too Hot to Handle…

"This is Lana. The ultimate c–ck block," Patrick says. Tbh, he's not wrong!

But Lana isn't all bad, as she has increased the prize fund to $200,000 from previous seasons' $100,000. "Imagine what you can do with that sort of money?" Harry says in the clip. 

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As the sexual-tension-filled trailer continues and one cast member says they're "horny" and another wants an "orgy," it becomes pretty apparent that the group is going to have a hard time getting the full chunk of change. 

"There was a breach of the rules," Lana says over the speaker. 

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Will the group leave the island empty–handed? Or will they be able to resist their urges?

While we wait until the Jan. 19 premiere to find out, continue scrolling to meet the cast!

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