What to Watch, Listen to and Read to Support Black Voices

 You are what you watch, you are what you listen to, and you are what you read.

As citizens continues to mourn the death of George Floyd and protests supporting the Black Lives Matter continue around the world, many are turning to art, whether it be music, movies or books, as a source of information and comfort. But it’s important to continue to seek out and support the voices of black creators, to read, to watch, to listen and to engage with their experiences and points of view. 

We’ve put together a list of 35 pieces of artwork—ranging from movies to documentaries, from podcasts to memoirs—should you find yourself in need of something educational in the form of an award-winning miniseries, something inspirational, like a memoir from the former first lady, or just in need of a bit of a break courtesy of a really good romantic novel… 


Celebrities Attending Protests Over George Floyd’s Death

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