Where Are the Original Party of Five Stars Now?

It’s been 20 years since we said goodbye to the Salingers.

Two decades before Freeform teamed up with creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser and introduced viewers to the Acosta children—Emilio, Lucia, Beto, Valentina and baby Rafa—in a timely, but ultimately short-lived update on their classic series, which followed their struggles to survive daily life as a family unit after their parents are suddenly deported back to Mexico, Fox was laying the blueprint with the beloved Party of Five. 

Premiering on Fox on September 12, 1994 and running for six seasons and 142 episodes until its series finale on May 3, 2000, Party of Five may not ever have been as splashy or over-the-top as network neighbors Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place, but it did make household names out of Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert and more, even earning a short-lived spinoff of its own at one point. 


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