Why a Return to “Business as Usual” Isn’t Possible for Hollywood

America finds itself at a crossroads.

In a year with the status quo already upended by the necessary steps to curtail the wildfire-like spread of a global pandemic, the country finds its idea of what was once “normal”—and the insistence upon returning to it—challenged once more by great social unrest. Citizens have risen up across America and the globe to demand an end to the police brutality and systemic racism felt disproportionately by Black Americans for far too long, and have forced the country to carve out a path that is more equitable and just.

And, in keeping with its role as a microcosm of the United States, Hollywood, too, finds itself at the same crossroads, with everyone asking the same thing: Where do we go from here?

While the path forward decided upon by those in positions of power remains to be seen, what is readily apparent is where they can’t go, where they mustn’t try to return. And that’s back to what was.


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