Why Southern Charm’s Shep Rose and Austen Kroll “Ganged Up” on Craig Conover in Season 8

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It turns out Charleston's good ol' boys aren't so good after all—at least, they weren't for much of Southern Charm's upcoming eighth season. 

Craig Conover and Shep Rose owned up to their self-described bad behavior in a joint interview with E! News, admitting that they both have regrets looking back at the past year or so, some of which can be attributed to their animosity for one another (and co-star Austen Kroll). 

The trailer for the new season certainly hints at this, showing everything from Craig putting Austen in a headlock and telling him to apologize to Shep calling Austen a "f–king joke." However, it's not certain what exactly went wrong with the once-close trio.

Until now, that is. For a deep dive on the drama—as well as an update on where their friendship currently stands—read on to hear from Shep and Craig themselves as part of E! News' exclusive Q&A.

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E! News: Have either of you watched any of the episodes yet? 

Craig Conover: I tried but I turned it off.

E!: Like, during the first episode? 

CC: Yeah.

Shep Rose: I watched it, the first.

E!: Right off the bat, there's some tension between you guys. Where did that come from?

SR: Well, I think maybe we all sort of needed to reconcile, because Craig had been gone a lot and I felt like we had grown apart and I wasn't all that happy about it. And I think Austen and Craig had a lot of stuff that was building between them over Summer House and Winter House. So I hate to say it, but Austen and I sort of ganged up on Craig. But it worked, because here we are.

CC: Yeah, I mean we—Shep and I—have always had ebbs and flows. And I went on and I isolated myself and just tried to really take any distractions away, and unfortunately, seeing these guys was a casualty of that. So I think you get to see us trying to figure out how to be friends again this season.

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E!: So you're on better terms now? 

SR: Yeah, really good terms. Austen took Craig to a Phish concert in New York. First one!

E!: I was going to ask how you and Austen are, Craig.

CC: We're good. You'll get to see us work through some stuff. Austen and I just brushed everything under the rug and we've spent a lot of time together, so there was like two years of just s–t that we were both upset at each other with and we finally kind of hashed it out.

SR: Let the cat out of the bag.

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