Would Kirby Jenner Ever Date Kendall’s Supermodel BFFs?

Good looks run in this family!

Kirby Jenner is revealing what it’s really like traveling the world modeling with twin sister Kendall Jenner. While it may look like all glitz, glam and jet-setting on the surface, the lesser-known Kardashian-Jenner family member says he and Kendall can “sometimes” get on each other’s nerves from time to time like any siblings would.

“I think everyone gets on each other’s nerves every now and then. I think what makes our relationship so special is that if we’re mad at each other, it goes away in 10 minutes, like we’re always so quick to resolve any of our issues,” the star of Quibi’s new series Kirby Jenner tells E! News exclusively. “I mean, sometimes we’ll just need to like go into an enclosed space and like really yell at each other for 10 minutes straight. We’ve definitely gotten into heated arguments, but we’re always so quick to resolve them and I think that’s just because we love each other, you know? I think you can love someone and still like, you know, argue with them every now and then.”


Kirby Jenner Tells All

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