You’ll Want to Steal This Piece of Relationship Advice From Allison Holker-Boss

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More than a decade into their romance, Stephen "tWitch" Boss has choreographed many a sweet gesture to show wife Allison Holker-Boss just how much he loves her. 

There are the Instagram tributes, of course, The Ellen DeGeneres Show's resident DJ and executive producer recently thanking his bride on her 33rd birthday Feb. 7 "for the love, the life, the lessons, the dances, and the memories," noting there's "Nobody better to be growing old with!!!" And there are the "pages and pages of emails" he sent during that first year of courtship when separate work obligations kept them in different corners of the globe for some nine months. 

And perhaps most poignant for the couple, who met, first at a party thrown by a fellow So You Think You Can Dance contestant, then as all-stars on the hit series' seventh season in 2010, was the way he fully embraced life with her eldest daughter, Weslie, now 12. 

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"I didn't allow them to really hang out until six months in, and even then it was slow and for small periods of time," she explained to Dance Spirit in 2012 of her measured approach with her then-toddler. "Eventually it grew to where it is now—it's like she has a second daddy. Their relationship is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry. She loves him so much, and he is such a good example of what a man should be."


Which brings us to his most recent act of good husband behavior, a little thing that's taken on increased importance in this age of staying at home. 

"Literally every single day I have new ideas," Allison recently confessed to E! News about how her love of interior design, cooking and "home-making" has manifested itself during the coronavirus pandemic. "And my husband is the best husband because he is so patient with me." 

It's gotten to the point that when Weslie is FaceTiming with a friend "they'll be like, 'Did you guys redecorate your house again?'" Allison admitted. And yet tWitch, he of the seemingly perpetual broad grin and unmatched freestyle moves, continues to oblige. "My husband just has to be like, 'Yes, sure.' I'm like, 'Let's get a new couch! We should get new pillows,'" the host of HGTV's Design Star: Next Gen continued. "And he loves me so much and so he allows me the freedom that I need to keep refreshing our home all the time."

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If she's being fully honest, having a treasure trove of new decor and meal ideas to cull through was part of her motivation for signing on to host The Incredible Egg Challenge, in which three noted tastemakers flex their cooking, crafting and design skills to win the prized Golden Egg and a donation to the hunger-relief charity of their choice. "I'm always looking for new ways to keep it fun for our family," she explained. "So I thought this was the perfect way to get involved so I could see what the new things were."

And if that means spending the next few weeks in a pastel-hued labyrinth of bunny decor, perfectly curated brunch boards and mounds of crinkle paper, she knows her man will be down. Because one lesson that they've taken away from the last 12 months of 24/7 together-time is they really, really enjoy each other, a small but incredibly crucial detail in any successful union. 

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