YouTuber Myka Stauffer Says Adopted Son “100 Percent” Supported Change

Myka Stauffer is on the defense.

Just days after the YouTube personality and her husband James Stauffer revealed that they placed their adopted son in the care of another family, followers are learning more about their decision.

“We would never just give up a child with special needs, this is a personal matter to Hux. It had nothing to do with he just had Autism,” Myka reportedly wrote when responding to critics in the comment section. “Multiple scary things happened inside the home towards our other children, and if these events happened with one of my biological kids, after all the help and after the behaviors we witnessed sadly we would have no other choice then to seek help and get their needs met.”

Huxley—also known as Hux—was adopted from China back in 2017. In addition to a brain cyst and brain tumor, Huxley was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level 3 after returning to the states. 


Myka Stauffer’s Candid Pictures With Her Adopted Son

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